LE Midheaven was borne out of an intense interest in the metaphysical, the synchronicity at play all around us, and ultimately questioning the nature of the mind. The universe brings gifts to us every day, whether through "luck" or seemingly fated events, easily or through effort and hard work, but all resulting in opportunities for growth and abundance.

The term 'midheaven' is a reference to a point in an astrological chart, denoting one's life path. It sits at the zenith of the chart, at a point where the sun shines its light brightly and no shadows are cast. The midheaven, or MC, is a point of culminating energies, a place where we allow ourselves to be recognized by the rest of the world. The life-force behind the placement of the Midheaven is constantly being fed by it's rootedness in the Imum Coeli, or IC, latin for "bottom of the sky", a point of the deepest midnight, where one's moral ground and sense of emotional security are protected from within. The points of the MC/IC axis work together throughout life. The subtle yearnings of the Imum Coeli rise out of the actions displayed and taken on by the midheaven; the need for grounding one's beliefs and place in the world of the midheaven comes from the quiet stability of the Imum Coeli. This is one example of the nature of astrology: there are scores of moving pieces, all of them working together to lay the brickwork of a lifetime.

The universe brings forth whatever you are ready for at any point in time, nothing more and nothing less. It is up to you how to harness the energies laid at your feet. We can help you along the way. In the words of Dane Rudhyar, let us work together to interpret your celestial instructions.

Lia and Erin are mystics and romantics bound by their deep love for our planets and fascination of their symbology.They are here to explore astrology's guiding light, helping others to better understand the light within themselves and the universal laws that guide our lives.